Influence of Management Corrective Actions on Project Control and Forecasting

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I am currently collecting data for my master thesis, "Influence of corrective actions on project performance". I want to talk to project managers in practice to ask few questions and get feedback. I hope you can answer the following questions:
  • How do you define a management corrective action?
  • Does the definition changes for different project types/ business units/ sectors?
  • How do you decide for taking corrective action? Do you use any methods or control systems? Explain.
  • Are there different types of corrective actions? If yes, explain.
  • Who is responsible for taking corrective actions? Is there a hierarchy in the process?
  • In your opinion, what are the factors the influence the effectiveness of a corrective action?
  • What are the challenges do you see when taking corrective actions?
  • Is there a systematic process you apply for taking corrective action, for example Standard Operating Procedures?
  • Do you document corrective action process? If yes how?
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