Internal versus customer facing project managers

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Hi all,

I am new to client facing project management. Could anyone please help me understand better what customer facing entails? How it differs to being an internal project manager? How do you initiate a project with an external client? What criteria do you choose when you select a project? And so on?

Any help would be great!
Thank you all in advance!
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It's a much easier process if you are liaising directly with a PM on the client-side. Whilst this isn't always possible, ensuring you understand who the decision-maker is within the client team.

Ensure you set out a clear communication plan and agree who the client stakeholders are and what level of information and reporting they all need. Budget is budget. I assume if they have commissioned you to deliver a product, there is a defined budget in place and contractual terms. This budget just needs to be managed as any other project is done.

If a client has chosen you to deliver the product they require, you have already started to reassure them that you CAN deliver.
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