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Hi everyone, I'm new here so a little of my backstory:

Having served 23 years in the military, I'm now on a transitional path to the commercial world. My background is logistics; during my time I have undertaken various projects and worked in a lot of crisis management situations.

Some things about 'civvy street' are fairly logical to me, others not so - and I'm learning lots of lessons. One thing I do know is that I adapt quickly and I'm hoping this stands me in good stead!

No doubt over the coming year or two I'll post some interesting questions - and perhaps more than a few bone questions!

Anyway, onto my query:

I'm trying to figure out how well a qual sits with my CV - or if another is more suitable. I have a small budget to spend on one more course.

These are the quals I currently have:

L7 Post Grad Dip in Strategic Leadership & Management (includes Strat Leadership, Strat Finance, Strat Marketing, Strat Change Management, Strat PM amongst others)

L6 Adv Dip Strategic Logistics Management

APM Project Management

L5 Coaching & Mentoring

L5 Stress & Resilience Training

My next employer will train me on:

Prince 2

Waterfall projects

Scrum Master

MS Office to include Excel, MS Projects, Visio

Potentially train me in ITIL

My concern is that I'm already familiar with the change management models and don't want to waste my funding. Unless employers want to see APM Change badge???

I'm open to anything that might compliment my CV better?

It's likely my next employer will place me within IT or Finance, but they do put people into other sectors.

Are Agile or Lean 6 Sigma a better fit? Or should I go for the APM Change qual?

Thank you in advance, as all advice is gratefully received
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Hi @Mulli8720,

I noticed no one had responded to your question yet so thought I'd give you some food for thought about the option of short term instructor-led training days.

Training days are a great way to develop your professional skills in a much shorter time period that also compliment your CV.

The reason why I wanted to reach out wasn't only because your interest in Project Management but I also noticed at the bottom of your post you mentioned 'MS Office e.g. Excel, MS Project, Visio'. Like above, training days help to develop your MS knowledge giving you additional skills that will benefit both your work and personal life.

As an experienced training provider for Microsoft apps and Professional Development skills, we run training courses on a broad range of topics including, as you mentioned, Project Management, Excel, MS Project and Visio. If you would like to know more I'll add a link below.

Qualifications are undoubtedly a great asset to have on your CV, but as an alternative that might be suitable for what you're trying to achieve, perhaps it might be worth looking into training workshops.

Hope this helps with your question.

Good luck!

Josh Carter
STL Training