Is PMP valid these days as PMP is waterfall and we are moving to Agile now? Is it worth taking it?

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What do you think? Is PMP still valid?

I am PMP and agile (SAFe SPC) certified, and I would say:
  • YES! PMP is still valid
  • PMP is not waterfall
For me, project management methodologies are like martial arts: It is not the technique itself, but how good you are mastering the technique to use it in a real situation. So it is not because you know karate, that you cannot learn aikido, right?

Currently, I am managing two projects in Italy, Belgium, Spain and Portugal and to do that, I use PMP to structure the project, and scrum agile as delivery approach.

I like to use PMP practices together with agile-scrum, because this allow me to put in place the right project goverance with an efficient delivery approach.

I my article "PMP vs agile project management" I go into the details about how I use these two approaches together.

I hope this can be helpful. Here you have the link: PMP-PMI vs agile project management: which one is better?

And you, do you mix project management methodologies?

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