Passing the Prince2 exams

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My study programme rightfully or wrongfully is this:
  1. Rote learn the Principles, Themes, Processes and sub-processes off by heart.
  2. Add to this the list of documents recommended in each process are by Project in a Box. e.g. those created, approved, updated or viewed in each process and relevant sub-process.
  3. Rote learn the Glossary of terms off by heart.
  4. Rote learn the process descriptions off by heart.
  5. Rote learn the key criteria off by heart.
I expect this to take around six months.

Having done this, then and only then sign up for the course, which will pull it all together with an almost guaranteed pass.

To help you do this, I have created six rote learning modules on Diplotechnic it is totally free to use, and you don’t even have to sign in. There are no tally scores on the site because you should aim to be 100% proficient in each of the modules before moving to the next module.

The reason for this attitude is simple. How embarrassing would it be if a client, manager, executive or director or even a customer asked you a basic Prince2 question, and you did not have the exact information in a complete format on the tip of your tongue and had to say, "hold on I'll have to look it up in my manual", that would not be very professional at all, would it?

As I work my way through the Prinde2 manuals, I will add further modules to the site.

Why not go there and try it out (even if you are qualified) just to see how good you are.
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