Struggling with software tools

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Struggling with software tools

Postby NeilGreenfield » Wed 14 Feb 2018 2:05 pm

Hi everyone!

My company has been using Clubhouse for a while now and for the development teams it's great. We work on a Scrum format using sprints and for the most part life is good, for them...

I'm new to their company and their first project manager so am trying to break new ground and build in some process that they will really benefit from but here's my problem;

Virtually all 'project management' tools are not in fact project management tools they are project implementation tools. Clubhouse is great at organising sprints, epics, stories, tasks and so forth but as a project manager I cannot see anything in an order a PjM would want, for example:

I create a sprint, it is scheduled to last 2 weeks and contains a number of epics (with stories and tasks). Now I know when the sprint is planned to end BUT I can't see how much effort one of our designers has for the sprint unless I drill down and look physically at each of her stories. He/she may only have 2 days effort, meaning for her, the sprint will finish a lot sooner than other team members (not the actual sprint but her involvement).

When I used to create stuff by Gannt chart I would get a linear view of who's scheduled to do what and WHEN, meaning I could track free blocks of effort and dependencies a lot more closely.

I don't want to move away from Clubhouse as it really is spot on for the implementation part of the process but planning, monitoring progress and reporting as a PM is almost impossible.

Am I missing something obvious? Do any of you use Clubhouse and can offer some tips or alternatives?

Sincere thanks in advance for any and all perspectives!!


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