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Hi guys,

First, a little background about how I came to be where I am.

I've been working for a large Insurance Company for the past 5 years in the Operations team responsible for completing non-authority work, managing 3rd party resource and taking responsibility for MI and reporting on KPI's. I've done well in this regard over the past 5 years and was recently given the opportunity to conduct on Operational review of our Bahrain and Dubai offices.

Just as that project was wrapping up, I was head hunted by another company and handed in my notice, however, my present company then made me a very attractive offer to stay in a new role in the Change and Re-engineering team, which I accepted.

My new role is as a Process Specialist, but also seems to have quite a lot of Project Management elements to it which I don't mind admitting I'm struggling with! The two main areas I'm really finding hard are:
1) Working out what documentation I should be producing for each project and more importantly, how? I'm talking Project Charters, Plans, etc
2) Getting key stakeholders to agree to a plan of what needs to happen and by when, this is on one project in particular. They all agree that certain actions need to happen, but so far I've struck out when trying to get them to commit to when they need to happen by and help identify the Critical Path

I guess what I'm looking for is someone with experience to maybe give me general hints and tips for Project Management, and more specifically recommend any resources i.e. books, YouTube channels, templates, I can use for inspiration in getting my projects off the ground.

I work for a great company, but they are unfortunately very poor in training and development, and although I have highlighted my concerns to my manager, I want to learn as much as I can on my own.

Thanks for your time!
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