Which project management software?

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I'm an experienced developer who is soon being thrown in at the deep end of project management. It's not an ideal situation, but the only other option is less experienced developers with equally little project management experience.

I'm reading up on project management and hopefully by applying my experience of which projects worked well and which didn't, I'll manage to manage it.

Can anyone recommend project management software that will suit a novice? I just looking for somewhere that I can write down my thoughts and plans into organised structures which make it clear if I've forgotten anything and make it easy to see dependencies, breakdown tasks, etc.

I've never really used any project management software before so have no preference. Web based would be best so other stakeholders can easily log in for a look.

Should I just install Microsoft Project since it's so common and shouldn't have as steep a learning curve? Are there any decent free/open source solutions?
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Project management software is complete software that can be used for planning, organizing, scheduling and developing resource estimates. It also helps in resource allocation. Project management allows the users, stakeholders and project managers to control costs and manage budgeting, documentation and quality management and can also be used as an administrative tool. Depending on the sophistication of the software, project management software can be used to assign resources and can also manage risks and other issues. Some examples:

Zoho Projects