Support Required with research on project management methodology that can reduce failures

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Hi All,

I really need your assistance with a research study that I am conducting as part of an academic study programme to produce a project management methodology or framework that can help to identify and prevent failures and improve the success rates of IT projects.

Please help support this research initiative by answering a few short survey questions. The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete. ... y-Projects

We appreciate that everyone's time is valuable so as an additional incentive, we have some prizes to give away 20 £50 Amazon vouchers.

The survey focuses on understanding the key problem domains on projects as parts of the efforts on understanding and solving the challenges and difficulties associated with large and complex projects and understanding the obstacles encountered. It also looks at the development of a framework or methodology to underpin the successful implementation, delivery and assurance of these projects.

Your input and support is highly appreciated!

Fazal Hussain
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Agile based project management is the best methodology, but you have to keep little bit monitoring because works get done faster in this methodology. Kaizen (Continuous improvement) is the factor which is ignored largely by the people in the organization, the main reason behind is the procrastination about how to remain productive in this free time. I would suggest you move on agile and keep little bit monitoring an eye on results so that if some downfall is occurring then what is the likely reason behind it.
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