PRINCE2 2009 Cert or PRINCE2 2017 Cert? Which to take?

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As you may know the PRINCE2 certification has had an update this year , which was a long time coming as the last update was in 2009. Until the end of the year candidates can take either PRINCE2 2009 Foundation and Practitioner exams OR PRINCE2 2012 Foundation and Practitioner exams.

I have my foundation 2009 cert as I took this just before the update in July this year, and I will be doing my Practitioner cert before the end of October. It seems attractive to take the 2009 version because:

- I have studied for that version so far
- If you take the 2009 version you don't need to renew for 5 years where as if you take the 2017 version you need to renew after 3 years

The only difference in the certificate is a line at the bottom that says whether the certification was gained via the 2009 or 2017 version of the exam.

There is part of me that wants to do the 2017 version because it is new and shiney. The question I'd like to ask people is:

How much do you think it would matter to a prospective employer as to whether you have the 2009 or 2017 version? Do you think it would make much of a difference in them giving you a job?

If I am to take the 2017 version before the end of October then time is tight, just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation and wondered what your thoughts were.

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