Stay in my company or switch roles?

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Hi all,

Been a PM for about 2 years 9 months now. Started off in telecoms, now working in construction/safety stuff, both at large corporate firms. Not really enjoying my current role - the types of projects bore me to death. I originally and still want to go into IT - software preferably.

I'm currently intervieing for a small hosting company. They are small but growing fast, the role will be the sole PM in the company - so will will responsible for setting up the PM function process and pmo. These will be very small projects too, 1-5 days and 10-20 at a time. I'm used to £1-2millon projects lasting years

My question is - I've only been at my current company 4 months - should I make the jump? Or should I stick it out? Part of me thinking moving less than a year is bad but part of me thinks my reasons are justified and other hiring managers in the future will agree with me. I'm also unsure of whether the experience I'll get at this small company will help me apply for roles at larger companies later or whether I won't be considered having only worked on small projects?

Ideally my end goal is IT projects in a large tech company - so what should I do?

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You have already tried working for corporations to understand that it's not your thing. Use the opportunity to try working in a small one where you will have a real chance to make an impact with less bureaucracy.
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That is a very personal question that is related to your plans towards your career as a whole. I hope I can help with some insights:
  • You said yourself you feel that your current role is very boring. I believe that people should feel excited about their work. Its something you spend 8 hours a day, most of your time and it should be at least able to excite you.
  • Small companies can be great for learning and develop yourself. As you said, you are going to be the general PM, which means you will need to be very dynamic and be ready to support the company in different needs. It's a leadership position and I believe its also a challenge.
  • Leaving the company with only 4 months being employed is not something great, indeed, but nowadays the world is very fast and dynamic, so I don't think it's something exclusively negative in your curriculum.
  • Go for what makes you feel more challenged and where you have the greatest opportunity to self-development. You might discover things you didn't know before.
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