PMI-ACP best Agile PM Cert? How to gain it?

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I gained my PRINCE2 foundation a couple of months ago and am hoping to have my PRINCE2 Practitioner cert in the next couple of months. I am now looking ahead beyond that at a possible Agile cert as things seem to be moving to Agile fast in the PM world, certainly where I work it is all about Agile and Prince2 is not mentioned much.

From a quick google I have noted that the PMI-ACP cert seems to be widely recognised, is this the Agile equivalent of PRINCE2 in terms of how desirable it is to have this? It is the most recognised or are there others that it would be better to have?

Aside from that question, how exactly would I go about aquiring the PMI-ACP certification? It seems that there are online courses that you can register on and are official 'PMI-ACP' accredited courses which means that you can prove to PMI that you completed the course in order to then sit the exam, is that right? also how would you book the exam? It's slightly confusing from a first look into it.

I much prefer to self study online so I'd be looking to that rather than classroom based training etc.
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Nice info! Thanks for sharing about PMI-ACP best Agile PM Cert. Please keep updating us.
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Hey there, hope I can help with the question.

Books To Study For PMI-ACP Exam

The PMI-ACP exam is a bit different as there isn’t a PMBOK available. In fact, when I was first signing up for the test, I was astonished to learn that PMI didn’t have any particular study guide ready for the test. Regardless of not having material, these are a few references I used to study for the exam.

Top Choices

PMI-ACP Exam Prep by Mike Griffiths is probably my book of choice for the exam. The explanations and examples are very well done and the book is easy to follow. I felt like there was plenty of information in the book to easily take the test. Furthermore, at the end of each chapter, there are a series of questions to test your knowledge on the chapter. The book also provides you with a code to access a 60-question simulator. Good for additional practice.

Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber is a very good book as well. It is a complete guide. Feels more like a bible with the amount of content in it. This book is definitely a good resource for the test and very valuable as a desk reference post-exam.

Coaching Agile Teams by Lyssa Adkins. I was quite content with this book. Although the content in the book is relevant on the exam, I feel it is more beneficial post-exam and can be a great desk reference.

The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time by Jeff Sutherland. Although this book is not on the suggested list from PMI for the PMI-ACP exam, it was an interesting read. This book brings a whole new flavor to talking about Scrum. Jeff uses many stories to explain the concepts throughout the book. It is definitely a good description of Scrum in action, but it does not go in-depth into Scrum concepts. Most of the book is Jeff’s stories using Scrum; the last ten pages are devoted to explaining how it, in fact, works. Good read for the stories but not for learning Agile, and more specifically Scrum, for the exam.

More to this article at:

I consider the PMI-ACP Certification a great addition to my PM toolkit. One thing I noticed though is that PMI really just put this certification quick though. When I took it, there wasn't even a PMBOK. I also found quite a few errors on the exam, something you don't normally find on the PMP exams. Regardless of some of the downfalls of the exam, I think it added a lot of value.
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Thanks for sharing! I will be waiting for more updates with your experience with it.
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