How do you address and resolve project team conflicts?

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When project team members are at each other's throats, the Project Manager must act fast to resolve. Onboarding new team members is a costly way to go, so communication and resolution is best. I've come up with a logical, 4 step process with a fun acronym...S.L.A.P. It stands for ....


And here to discuss and present this method with me in my next Real PM video installment, are four of the best actors I could find in 5 minutes. Please watch it and tell me what you think... and please share your own experiences and thoughts...

Real PM - S.L.A.P. Method of Project Team Conflict Resolution
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In my experience there is normally a monitor in there too to make sure that the issue doesn't rear it's head again. This would make it more of a repeating circle than step as it is not always resolved first time. With fairness and some authority the circle will decrease in iterations.
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