Advice needed - Initiating project "Better coopororation"

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My native language is not english.

I am about to initiate a project, where I have to make 9 teams better at cooporating between eatchother and get common goals, become better at communicating with eachother, call when needed, be more visible and so on.

The teams tasks are all depended in eachother, but they all need more knowledge of what the other teams are doing and their results. Right now all the teams oppinions are, that the other teams are not doing the best that they can, and are doing bad and many rumors are startet in between the teams, about the other teams. Furthermore, they need to cooporate better, to perform better at the tasks, where good cooporation is needed.

We are actually two projectleaders on this task, and we had a talk about how to make the project organisation (I believe that is what it is called in English?)

And now to the problem/Question
We are now in the process where we are talking about which teams we should start with. If we should start with all the teams, or make a "test project" on one of the smaller teams.

I have tried to locate this project task in my books on projects, but havent found any that describes what benefits there would be to include all teams or only a 1 smaller team as a test.

The other projectleader wants to make a test project. I want to initiate all teams, because I believe it would not make sense, on this kind of a project, to exclude most teams in the beginning.

Could anyone please let me know where I could find ressources to read about this subject, or maybe give some good advice.

Thanks for your time
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