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Hi everyone

First a bit of background...

I work for a small (20 employees) engineering business manufacturing bespoke environmental test equipment for customers worldwide. My job, among other things (small firm, lots of hats!) is to organise the build of each unit from order through to to delivery, liaising with in house designers and instructing fitters to carry out mechanical & electrical works.

I have two electrical fitters and two mechanical fitters, as well as two designers/specifiers and a commissioning engineer to work with but my biggest problem is this:

My Director will regularly ask me where I see potential problems where there is a conflict between the design/fitting/commissioning hours required and actually available to complete multiple projects running concurrently and overlapping. Each project utilises the same resources which makes planning difficult enough, but I struggle to find a way to overlay projects on one another to give me this data and ensure we are not overloaded.

I currently use free GanttProject software which is fine for individual projects but is obviously limited when it comes to co-ordinating resources across several projects.

I have no formal project management training but am keen to change this, however after a few hours of on line research I feel completely lost as to where to turn to next for advice on training and the tools that will enable me to work efficiently and do the job to the best of my ability.

So I guess my post boils down to this - I would really appreciate any tips and advice from all you seasoned PMs out there that may have come across similar problems and can help out a guy in need. I know my Director would be willing to pay for good project management software and training if it suited our business but can be a little old fashioned and have a bit of a "we'll manage somehow" attitude so I'm hoping to put together (with your help!) a presentation to prove to him that it is essential to the business.

Thanks in advance
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Jambo - Thanks for the post. I work at a startup that is developing a new type of project management tool and we're currently allowing private beta testers to try it for free.

In short, the product allows multiple users to collaborate in a document simultaneously to manipulate both structured data (e.g. tables, grids) and unstructured data (notes, images). A common use-case is to manage multiperson projects which require a high degree of coordination.

We've found many people manage these types of projects with a hodgepodge of tools - Google Docs, Trello, Excel files - scattered all over the place. With this product, all your data and information is in one place, and you can build the exact tools you need for your team. Think of it like a turbocharged Trello, Asana, or SmartSheet (though it's also a lot more).

We'd like beta testers who are willing to try the product for a few weeks, with a few members of their team. It's completely free, all we ask is for feedback about its performance and the features you'd like to see.

Please contact me directly at for more information.
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According to your need I think ProofHub is the best tool that you can try. With the help of this tool you can:
1. Assign task to team members according to their expertise.
2. Collaborate and communicate with your team easily.
3. Get quick feedback by your client.
4. Track time spent on the projects.