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I am coming to the end of my doctoral research on how organisations select and implement project management methods and wanted to ask if anyone working in projects would be able to complete my questionnaire before it closes at the end of April 2017?

I am seeking a broad range of views to help me form a more complete picture of how organisations are using such methods. I will start to analyse the data on 1st May so am hoping to capture as many views as I can before my deadline in 8 days time.

If you are working in projects, would you be willing to complete my anonymous and confidential survey please? The survey is available

Your participation would very much help my research.

Once the data has been analysed, I will share it with the participating groups.

With thanks and best wishes
David Biggins
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Common Project Management Methodologies

1. Agile
2. Waterfall

This method primarily consists of 5 stages:

Idea Engineering – System Design – Implementation – Testing & Validation – Maintenance

3. Scrum
6. Adaptive Project Framework
7. Extreme Programming (XP)
8. Kanban
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Hey there!

Here is the list of project management methodologies:
  • Prince2 Methodology
  • Waterfall methodology
  • Agile methodology
  • Scrum methodology
  • Kanban methodology
  • Scrumban methodology
  • eXtreme programming (XP) methodology
  • Adaptive project framework (APF) methodology's
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