How do you track who from your human resources have related skills and available for a project?

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Hi all,

I work in an IT outsourcing company and leading near 8 projects, cooperating with near 30 developers. Last time have started to face a problem, that I don't remember who has the related skills for my next project. As developers are constantly develop their skills (sorry :) ), it's getting even more complicated to remember this. So my question is, how do you track your team skills set and have you ever faced a similar problem?

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Microsoft Project Online/Project Server is great for resource management. You can have a centralised resource pool in which all human and material resources can be uploaded. You can look for resources based on availability, department, skills etc.

We did a webinar about 6 months which demonstrates how resource management can work within Project Server.

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Maintain skills in an excel sheet, in front of each person than you can easily search by pressing CTRL+F on that sheet.

In most professional services organizations that I've worked in or for, there is a resource gate keeper. The PMs submit their needs - skills, timeframe, % commitment, etc. - to this person who works with the PMO director and dept. supervisors to find the right available resources. In smaller organizations without this person or structure in place, of course, I was on my own to find the right individuals. On one consulting engagement - for an organization that didn't want to spend the money on Project Server - I just set up a shared resource pool and everyone set up their projects against that - worked ok while I was still there.
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