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Hi All,

Apologies if my post is relatively long.. I am new to the project management field and I wanted to direct some questions over to any experienced PM's that may help direct my future.

I am a biochemistry graduate with 3 years experience in the biotech industry as a development scientist in molecular assay technologies sector.

I worked as a scientist and my job required that I managed development studies for products. My role was roughly split 40% Lab and 60% Management duties. I found that I enjoyed the management aspects and decided to pursue a career in the PM sector.

I managed to secure an entry role in a Pharmaceutical Packaging company. While I am excited to be in this field, I have found that I am missing the more technical aspects of working as a development scientist.

I was wondering if, in the PM field, there is an opportunity to combine both technical and managerial aspects of a project. I.e. in this sector will I ever get to work with my hands again, or is it just the nature of the job? Any advice/guidance would be great!
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The project Manager is responsible for planning, coordination, and management of a project. Depending on the project, roles and responsibilities may vary from the beginning to completion stage. Management skills and technical skills both are required for the PM to manage the entire project and achieve goals at each level. Improve your technical skills in your expertise area to rock the world. All the best.
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