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Help Needed

Posted: Wed 14 Dec 2016 12:25 pm
by Ollie6266
Hi there!

First allow me to introduce myself, I'm Ollie, 26 years old and currently serving in the British Army. I have been in the Army since the tender age of 16.

I really enjoyed my time learning new things gaining so much experience in so many different things and not forgetting the traveling the world! but alas, I truly do feel that my time is coming to an end here and I have spent many painstaking hours trying to figure out what I might do, which would give me the same job satisfaction the Army has given me over the years.

I then came across Project Management! A similar requirement of my current duties! A beginning and an end state and ensuring the job gets done to the correct standard within budget and constantly reporting back to specific Officers (Stakeholders)

I pray this isn't too good to be true! I have done more research into the Profession and I have booked myself onto a 1 day introduction course next month whilst I am on leave, trying to be proactive rather than reactive, to gain a better insight into the role and then make an informed decision. Having read a number of posts on the Forum, I believe it would be a good move. The work also sounds stimulating and from what I understand when the project is over there is a great sense of accomplishment, which I must admit, is highly addictive!

So the reason I have reached out, is that I would like to expand my general knowledge and I also have a few questions I would like to ask if anyone or even better all (greedy I know) would be able to answer for me.

What would be a realistic job role I should apply for? I have heard of Assistant Project Manager and Junior Project Manager, are they the same or do they have different duties to perform?

Where is the best location to gain experience in this area? i.e. London or would that potentially be too full on for a newcomer?

And finally, is there is any advice you could give me as all the posts I have read, you all sound so welcoming and very friendly.

Many thanks,