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Ever wondered what the most popular ‘project management’ hashtags are on Twitter?

Adding hashtags to your tweets categorises them and makes it easier for people to find the topics they’re searching for. Here is a list of the most commonly used PM tags:
  • #agilepm = agile project management
    #pm = project management (popular)
    #pmbok = project management body of knowledge
    #pmi = project management institute
    #pmo = project management office (rarely used)
    #pmot = project managers on Twitter (the most popular)
    #pmp = project management professional (popular)
    #prince2 = PRojects IN Controlled Environments (pm method)
    #project = projects and project management (often used for status updates)
    #projectmanagement = project management (rarely used)
    #project-management = project management (rarely used)
    #projectplanning = project planning (rarely used)
    #scrum = project management concept for software development
    #webpm = web project manager
#PMOT is the most popular tag used by a large number of project managers and SMEs tweeting about their projects and project management in general. Read the #PMOT Daily Newspaper.

Related tags:
  • #agile = methods such as Scrum and Extreme Programming
    #business = business and the future of business
    #gtd = getting things done
    #IT = information technology
    #job = job openings
    #leadership = leadership and the future of leadership
    #lean = lean or agile methods
    #management = management and the future of management
    #outsourcing = outsourcing and the future of outsourcing
    #requirements = requirements gathering
    #risk = risk management
    #software = software development
You can use hashtags anywhere in your Tweets; most people add them to the end.

What do you use?
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A really useful list. I am trying to find out how many people use #PMOT.

I think about 600, which is very small number given the millions of project managers around the world. I think #PMOT is mostly used by consultants who are trying to sell to project managers.

Real project managers are too busy delivering projects.
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We have a few Project Centric Twitter tags too that you can follow us on:


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#PMOT is mostly used by consultants who are trying to sell to project managers.

Real project managers are too busy delivering projects.

Consultants are real project managers and also business people in their own right and as such they know that they have to market their services regularly in order to maintain a constant flow of business enquiries.

The person writing the above is obviously 'an employee' and does not fully understand this concept.
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I guess PMBOK is the renowned one which is used all over the world.
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