How long does PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner take to achieve?

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I am planning on investing in an online course/examination package for PRINCE2 next month. I am trying to decide between paying for just the foundation, or getting the foundation and practitioner all in one package.

The thing that will decide this for me is how long on average does it take to pass either one of these exams? As access to these packs is 365 days, so would it be too much to expect to pass both in a year? Or do they not take very long. I'd hopefully be doing about an hour of study each day at least.

By the way, I am only interested in online study. I will not be doing any classroom based so please don't take this into consideration when giving answers.

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Including the examination, the course will last two to three days. It is possible to take both the Foundation and Practitioner together. This would be purely classroom based, and would take five days to complete.
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Hi mitchtin

For classroom training: I recommend
- 3 days for the Foundation
- 3 days for the Practitioner
Note: The typical Practitioner Classroom training is a joke, as you are just practicing exams and you can do this at home.

Online Training
- PRINCE2 Foundation: 24 hours study
- PRINCE2 Practitioner: 36 hours study (note: you will learn far more with a self study course)

Tips on choosing a online PRINCE2 Foundation course
- Pass guarantee
- PRINCE2 Foundation training manual
- Online Exam Simulator
- Normal video course (majority are slide based with voice over)
- Any audio training is a bonus (listen while in car)
- Time: some companies do offer 365 days access

Tips on choosing a online PRINCE2 Practitioner course
- Pass guarantee (not sure if this possible)
- Sample project to view all PRINCE2 documents e.g . Business Case, Project Brief, ....
- Any audio training is a bonus (listen while in car)
- How to use the manual during the exam (Henny Portman as good tips here)
- Practice Exam Papers: All companies offer two but some offer more
- Mentor option: As you will have questions

All the best.
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The most important factor in all this is that different people learn at different speeds. Some (not me) can absorb the information in one sitting and pass the exam first time. Others need more time and extra stimulation in order to prepare properly. Neither factors have any bearing on ability to apply prince2 in the 'real world' in my opinion.

I'd suggest 3-6 months should be sufficient to pass foundation and practitioner with a convincing mark.
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If you sign up for the online prince2 foundation & practitioner course, it will take 5 days training + at least 2 weeks of practicing and your hard work. Most of the training company provides you the online access, mockup test, exam tools, study materials, interactive sessions, etc. to support you to clear the exam.
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