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Best Certification For Me?

Posted: Wed 28 Sep 2016 6:18 pm
by JJ88

I work as an engineer in a very niche industry. I have managed small projects in my current role, and it is something I would like to pursue more. However, I'm not sure what exam I should take. It seems Prince2 is very popular in the UK, but is it really in demand and open up job opportunities?

Another option I'm looking at is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt - this has the project management element, but also the continuous improvement core. Would something like that certification open up more doors for me?

I'm looking for something that is the best bang for your buck certification- something to put on the CV. The experience element I can get in my current role.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Re: Best Certification For Me?

Posted: Mon 03 Oct 2016 3:23 pm
by dhaughey
Hi JJ88

Agile frameworks are gaining a lot of traction in my industry. Personally, I'd be looking at Scrum because the agile concepts in its framework are in demand and make for a much more collaborative and engaging way of working.

The Scrum Alliance website has more information and a rather good video.