Has anyone just sat the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam?

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I have just sat the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam on Tuesday and got 40/80 so unfortunately didn't pass.

I do plan on re-sitting the exam and wondered if it will be the same paper/scenario as I've just done.

Please can anyone advise, thanks.
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For passing the exams I would recommend sticking exactly to the method. I have known PMs of many years who have failed as they answered the questions as per their experience and not the method. For the foundation do as many practice papers as you can, you will be surprised at how many times questions come up. As for the Practitioner good luck! I was one of the last to do the written exam but have done the MSP Practioner which is the same not nice.
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Sorry to hear that you have failed. Here are some tips:

1) Label your PRINCE2 Manual: 2) Make your own table of contents on all the good diagrams
  • There is a lot of information in these
3) Print out in A5 the PRINCE2 Timeline and Product Map diagram
  • Stick this inside the front cover. It gives you another 2% to 4% in the exam
4) Watch this video: "How to use PRINCE2" http://bit.do/P2Trello
  • You will learn more from this video than from a 3 day Practitioner Training
5) Get familiar with Product Descriptions in the manual (see appendix) Booking exam: Ask the place where you book the exam for extra exam questions . Let me know if I can help further.
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