Project: Stress and Complexity Mandatory?

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Dear all,

I'll introduce myself with this topic and thank you for your attention.

I changed job about few weeks ago: previously I worked in a small construction company. Bad points that made me change are very stressful environment and market, high disorganization, a severe and arrogant chief, low cultural level of colleagues, low technical content in projects. On the other hand, I recognize that I reached a good position and good appreciation by my colleagues.

In this new company I don't have any of above problems and I know that is still the very beginning: market is different, company is much bigger and highly organized. On the other hand, I feel (since I am new still) that a PM here doesn't have much power and control. It is a manufacturing company, so everything seems to be in the hands of BU managers...PMs follow them, with low control on projects where before I had 90% of control.

I am a bit worried about this, trying not to judge too much since I am new...but I really feel like here I will do "easy things"... I also think I might be still "high" from previous highly stress and demanding environment at the point that I miss it...maybe I need time to get used to this new company. I just really don't want to feel my skills and knowledge are wasted or I am not giving 100% of myself.

Do you have any similar experience or suggestions?

Many thanks.
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This is quite a common scenario where people face in general. The best thing is to be unnoticed and wait for better things to happen.
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