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I hope I am not repeating what as already been asked, I suspect I am! I've taken some time to mooch through posts that relate to career change and have managed to pick up some great tips, so thanks for that.

However, I am still unsure of what would be the most appropriate direction to go. I am currently a Financial Adviser, client facing. I have in the past run my own business and been a Senior Manager in others. Predominately, I have always been in a "sales" environment, except for a 10 year term in the RAF.

My thoughts are, Business Analyst vs Project Manager. I am happy to remain in Fin Servs. What would you say I should be looking at in terms of study track (there seems to be loads of different courses and subjects).

I would be interested to hear from those in Fin Servs already and/or anyone with experience of making a transition from Fin Servs to General PM.

I know some of this may have been covered in other posts, but I'm keen to get into a dialogue that might help raise other questions I still haven't thought of.

Thanks in advance.
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Business Analyst can be the right choice to go with in terms of learning as it can gain you good knowledge.
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