Should I Change Jobs?

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I’m currently a project manager for a security company. This is quite a specialised industry in that security systems are constantly changing, so there is much always to learn.

Where I am now I don't particularly like the people. They shout, swear and are very unprofessional. To the point where some of the women in the office cry regularly for being shouted at. One girl even whispers as she doesn't want the bosses to hear her talk! Just trying to paint a picture of the work environment.

The company is also a relatively small company; there is no professional structure, it is literally two guys (me and another) that do everything.

I’ve been offered a job. Better money and a much bigger company. They offer some training and support and they seem structured correctly. As in, I will be based on site where the job is taking place and will run that job from beginning to end. Where I am now I’m office based and must run up to 10-20 jobs at any given time.

My question to you guys is ‘Do I leave for the new job?’ My main concern is not the money right now, but that I am very comfortable where I am. I don’t see much career progression whereas with the new job, yes I don’t know how stressful the job will be and if the people are ok to work with, but I do know they are bigger, structured and offer better career progression.

What do you think?

Let me know if you need any more info.

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You said you are comfortable where you work, but also made it very clear that the current job is not really a dream one. My suggestion is that you should step out of your comfort zone and go for the new job offer, seeing as it gives you more prospects of developing your skills as a project manager.

Also, the work environment you described would be enough of a reason for you to change jobs. Bottom line is, you should definitely leave your current job and go for the new one.

Good luck!
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It is not advisable to change a job unless you have a very bad environment and have got sufficient education. Else try to learn something for a company before you leave.
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