Best Collaboration Tools for Project Teams

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What tools should I use to manage my projects? Like many project managers, I've tried many tools over the years - some better than others. This year I have found what I consider the best combination of integrated on-line tool for my project teams:
  1. Slack - team communication channel that keeps everything for your project in one place and available from any device
  2. Trello - project plans and to-do lists
  3. Ganttify - converts your Trello boards into Gantt charts
The important thing is that these tools integrate together and are easy and fun to use. Here's how I've set them up with my offshore IT development team:

1. Slack Channels
  • #ideas
    #minutes (meeting decisions and actions)
    #trello (provides a notification when adding cards to your linked Trello board)
2. Trello Board Lists
  • Product Backlog
  • Sprint Planning
  • Current Sprint #
  • In Progress
  • On Hold
  • Done
3. Ganttify
  • Add a start date and duration to each card's description field
  • Connection with Trello to create a Gantt chart from any board (useful for status update meetings)
  • Export to PDF or provide a direct link
Find these tools with a Google search. They all have free, full feature versions.

If you decide to give them a go or already use them, tell me what you think.
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These tools are very useful. Thanks for sharing!!
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Yes, really useful tools. Easy Projects is another project management software that helps to manage both small and large enterprise projects easily and with great visibility. Here are the main tools:
  1. Task management feature that allows creating unlimited number of tasks, to break them down into smallest tasks and to assign each task to the appropriate team member
  2. Resource Loading Report: the color-coded report shows the workload of each of the team members thus preventing the project manager from overloading or under-utilizing the team members
  3. Team Collaboration tool: this allows the team members to communicate with each other in a single workspace running discussions and sharing files.
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ProofHub is another very useful tool for collaboration and project management. I think you guys must give it a try.