Help to Give Visibility of Project Management to Our Clients

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In our company, the project management area is recent, two years of existence. We start by adopting the framework of PMI adopting it to our place from our customers. Operationally, we have achieved good operational and financial results. We have senior project managers, and we have made mentoring on the inexperienced. I think we're on the right track. However, we have found difficulty in two identical ways:
  1. As a new area for the company, internally the remaining areas we don't recognize or understand the value our need. The company always worked without the need for project managers and do not come to need them now. We have evidence to prove otherwise. But somehow it's too costly to be accepted by the organization.
  2. Another problem is the vision that our customers have about project management. Come value only in the communication focus in single elements (PM) and the existence of more current reporting and customized per project. Nothing more.

In our view, all our daily actions are relevant and lead to breaking the project into the triple consnstraints, but we're not selling well, to the extent that those same internal activities do not have visibility to clients and as such we don't give any value, and consequently the management area and project.

The question put and help that we ask is how the project management can demonstrate externally to the value of same is recognized.

Thank you very much,
José Ferreira
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