How big are you finding cybercrime and cybersecurity as concerns on your projects?

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Having attended Black Hat in the US for the last 5 years, I'm becoming more and more intrigued with the concepts of cybersecurity and concerned with the affects...or potential affects...of cybercrime on our projects. It doesn't help that I've also become hooked on the latest CSI installment CSI Cyber - which I've found that every cybercrime act they have shown is doable/plausible...and everything...repeat EVERYTHING...can be hacked.

So, how big are the concerns in the UK or on your projects? What actions are being taken...if any? Proactive? Reactive?


Brad Egeland
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I would say be proactive. Many companies are showing a lot of concern in maintaining their security lately.
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A part of major sized projects is e-learning. This gives further complexity to the task of providing access to required levels of training, which in the case of Gorgon project was virtually global. Thus when managing large projects: 1) assume it will happen 2) manage and restrict logins to reduce system requirements 3) enforce robust firewalls.

Following on from this it became apparent that many staff who underwent training were targets of identity thefts. As a part of a large project, it would be prudent to inform all project staff and contracted companies of the instances of such cybercrime. This aspect of training was lacking in my experience.
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