If you want a say regarding sustainability and project management please help with my MSc

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Please help with my survey, just copy and paste the link into your browser:

https://mmubusiness.az1.qualtrics.com/S ... orjqLvh33n

The objective of this questionnaire is to investigate the views of the respondents as to the difficulty or issues encountered in the project management practice when integrating sustainability.

The questionnaire is aimed at a specific class of respondents these include Project Managers, Academics, Professionals and Researchers. It is understood that all of the respondents will be familiar with delivering projects in their chosen field and comprehend by the title heading of the questionnaire that sustainability must be considered in their responses.

Summary of the questionnaire:

The topic of sustainability has recently more than ever been linked to project management. There is a clear indication that the mindsets of consumers and organisations need to change to incorporate sustainability intrinsically into every aspect of the business when delivering projects to ensure prosperity without compromising our future generations.

The Association for Project Management states that “Project and Programme Managers are significantly placed to have a meaningful influence on the Sustainable Management practices”. Although, Eid, M. (2009) study on sustainable development and project management state that the expectations of project management “fail to address the sustainability agenda seriously”. Therefore, this research area poses an academic debate to understand and or explore if Project Management Practice can integrate Sustainability.
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I work in IT and see too little thought around sustainability, particularly in making efficient use of hosting capacity. We scale hosting to cope with peak traffic, but often that is only required for short periods. So what happens with that capacity for the remaining time? Things have improved with cloud hosting and the flexibility to scale up and down more easily than in the past with fixed infrastructure. However, there is still some way to go, if we are going to become truly sustainable.

At a recent DevOps conference, I was introduced to containers and a technique for managing capacity more efficiently. By creating high priority and low priority containers, it is possible to utilise capacity more efficiently, bring the low priority container in and out during lower and higher demand. It could be the future of more sustainable hosting.

Am I right, is too little being done in this space? How can we reduce energy consumption and increase sustainability? What do others think?

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