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Are there any special approaches or techniques that help project manager to handle 4,5,6,.. small or not very big projects in parallel? Will Pomodoro method help in this situation? Any other tested approaches?
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There's an excellent article by Bill Balcezak called Multitasking's Assault on Productivity, which you might find interesting and useful.

Bill talks about breaking up your day with Pomodoros and other useful techniques. Everyone likes to think they can multitask when in reality the human brain is incapable of multitasking effectively. I often quip that I prefer not to multitask, but rather do one thing properly. I believe there's a grain of truth in that statement.

The real question is where the limit comes when managing multiple projects. There can't be a hard and fast rule as all projects are different and different people have varying capabilities to handle their workload. I would say the more switching between projects and tasks you do the less efficient you become. The secret is learning to say no to that next project and recognising when enough is enough.

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