Minute Taking During RAID Meeting

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Dear Gurus,

Seeking to have your opinions and views about taking Minutes during RAID meetings. Is it really necessary to take minutes during RAID meetings? Considering the fact that all RAID items are captured within the log itself. But what happens to discussions held during the meeting that are outside these four items, but have a direct link to the RAID log? How will this be documented for future reference?

Post By: Project Management Trainee.

Thank you for your support.

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Interesting question Remzy. Personally, I like to keep my meetings on topic, so for a RAID meeting the output would be an updated RAID log, shared with the team after the meeting.

Having said that, I use an iPad and Evernote to take minutes during my meetings. This way I can send minutes and actions almost as soon as the meeting ends. I put all of the actions from the minutes on a Trello board and assign them to the responsible individual(s). This way they don't get lost in emails and are easy to track.

My meeting tips are:
  • Always define a clear meeting objective and outcome
  • Stick to the meeting objective and outcome
  • Assign resources and completion dates to all actions
  • Issue minutes as quickly as possible after the meeting
  • Track the actions in an application such as Trello
Hope this helps.
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