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Hi there, I am looking at getting a PM qualification and see that Prince2 is a pretty good one to start with, has anyone done an eLearning Prince2 course before? I was looking at one offered by The Knowledge Academy? Thanks!
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Most people I know that have passed PRINCE2 have used classroom training. I believe it gives you the best chance, and if you want to use it to kick start your career as a PM or give you the chance of a better job, it is surely worth the investment.

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I'd agree with the above. Classroom training brings the subject to life. There is also the other benefit of taking the exam at the end of the course of which means you maximise your chances of passing. However, and I won't apologise for saying so yet again! You need to motivate yourself in the weeks or even months prior to the course to self study and give yourself a huge advantage when attending the 'boot camp'. A 5 day classroom course effectively is just that as there is a lot to learn in this small window of time. So ensure you turn up already having a good grounding in the subject. Buy a 'study guide' beforehand.

Of course if your circumstances dictate a distance learning type course, then any of the larger training companies should be fine.

Lastly, make sure you fully understand the types of question that the PRINCE2 exam contains. A small number of delegates failed the exam because they simply couldn't get their head around the reason/assertion type questions. There are plenty of examples of how to answer these online.
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