Project Management Courses vs MSc in Project Management - 1 Year Program

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Hi Guys,

I am looking to change my career from Engineering to Project Management. I got more than 9 years of experience as Mechanical (Stress) Engineer in Aviation Sector. Over the years of working, my passion towards PM grows day-by-day.
When I start searching for a Job in PM, nothing shows up because of my pure engineering experience, at this point I started searching for a course to get into the PM.

After through search, I felt PRINCE2 or something like that won't help to get a job without experience. Because of financial reasons or not interested to spend time on GMAT, started looking for a one year Masters Program in Project Management.

Is it really helpful to get a job in PM with a MSc in Project Management? Any specific Uni in England? Please suggest me.

Thanks for reading my msg,

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Hi Prasad,

Depends if you are looking to study full time or part time. You should check out the University of Liverpool as they have a range of Online and Part-time MSc programmes in IT and Project Management. Do a search for University of Liverpool Online.

Birbeck is another university in London where you are able to balance work and study with a range of MSc programmes in Management.


In my opinion, if you have the time and dedication and patience, then any additional education needed to help you advance in PM or switch to PM is a good thing. Ideally, you would eventually acquire both the certification and the master's degree. Which ever makes the most sense to you and according to your findings in the postings is probably the best way to go. Good luck!

Brad Egeland
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