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I dont know if this topic is covered elsewhere but I am looking into PRINCE2 training courses. I have found a large number of providers available.

Is there a recommended training provider or is one provider regarded better than any others?

The majority of providers are APMG certified but one I have been in contact with is BCS certified. Again is one considered better than the other?

I would appreciate any advice.
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I'd like to think that most training providers are of a good standard. Provek and Parallel Project Training seem to be two who are highly rated. However, the Practitioner course I went on at QA training was very good. I've heard good things about Global Knowledge too.

If you are thinking of doing the classroom training, then the biggest single factor is yourself. Make sure you turn up having done your homework on the subject! You will gain a lot more out of the course if you turn up prepared. I don't just mean a few hours browsing over the subject either. A number of delegates on the course I went on had clearly not been thorough in their preparation. They all admitted they found the course "hard going". Those of us swots(!) who had prepared found the course informative and gave us that extra knowledge to gain a good exam mark.

If you need any further advice then PM me.

Good luck.
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I agree with Stonesfan, doing your homework is vital if you're going to pass. I have colleagues that failed, not because they didn't have the ability to pass, but because they didn't prepare properly. They thought managing projects as part of their day job would get them through the exam.

My course was with QA, and I found them excellent. Another provided that seems to get good reviews is Learning Tree. Three colleagues have just booked on a course with ILX, who provide online/e-learning, classroom and blended learning.