Is experience as a Game producer relevant to PM?

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Firstly, I've been lurking in the shadows for a while - thanks to everyone for your great words of wisdom!

I'm trying to map out my career & I'm wondering how relevant my experience so far is. Ideally I'd love to work as a BA in the long run, though I suspect I'd need to spend some time as a PM first in order to land that role.

I'm currently a Producer for a large corporate computer games company. Games companies don't have BAs (and very rarely have PMs - if they do they're generally focused on legal paperwork & general admin rather than delivering a product). Having never worked outside games, my understanding is that a Producer role in games is quite similar to a Project Management role in IT or software dev. Is this the case?

If you were looking to hire a new PM for your firm would you consider a Producer in games for the role? Or are the skillsets more different than I imagine?

Thanks for any pointers, I'm trying to map out the next steps for my career so this would be very helpful.
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Hi Hoddle:

First off in response to your inquiry, that its not necessary to be a PM in order to become a BA. They are in fact very different roles so not sure how you got to thinking that way. As a PM, sometimes in small companies you have to do the BA role, but they like I said are completely different. A BA usually works on business cases and requirement documentation. A PM primary job is to manage, communicate, plan and document a project.

I don't know how to answer your game producer question as I really don't have any idea what they do, but if their role is about managing people and coordinating work then yeah theres a chance someone hiring for a PM position may consider that close enough and take a chance. I guess you only know if you try to apply for PM jobs and see what the reaction is. Good luck on the job hunt.
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As TonyD says, the project manager and business analyst roles are different. However, a business analyst can be the project manager's best friend carrying out Requirements Analysis and supporting him/her during the project. I'm working closely with an excellent business analyst on my project at the moment. He has never done the project manager role, so although useful, I don't think it's a prerequisite to landing a BA role.

The producers I have met from digital agencies have usually possessed the skills to be project manager and in many cases are carrying out those activities. I don't think the leap from producer to project manager is too far.

A couple of articles that explain the two roles can be found here:

The Role of a Business Analyst

The Role of Project Managers

I hope this helps.

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