Trying to get into digital project management as a developer

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Long story short, spent the past 5 years as a full stack developer for a start up upon graduation, which I have left this month. In that time, I have been exposed to the agile software development lifecycle. They used a hybrid of Scrum and their own project management technique. However I did not get any proper management experience, and there was no room to grow that way which left me quite unhappy.

I am qualified in the following:

- Prince2 Foundation
- Scrum Master certified.
- 2.1 Computer Science degree

The trouble that I am having now, is that I am getting interviews after obtaining the above, but I am struggling really badly to get an offer. Either I get turned down for a lack of experience, or they just don't want to hire me because of x, y, z reason. I even had one interview where the project manager kept grilling me over why I wanted to become a PM given that I had been a web developer for so long. She did not come from a software development background herself, which I found extremely strange since it helps A LOT knowing tech when you are delivering a product.

To gain some project management experience, I have embarked on my own start up venture, working with a company (I don't have the resources to fund it, they do), and I am now managing a team consisting of UI/UX designers, PR/Marketing agency and a backend developer. I have left this off my CV, because I do not want to put any potential employers off. The question is, if say the venture fails (I am currently doing this for free), will this experience help me get my 'foot in the door?' I am worried that a potential employer may not see this as a credible enough project for them in terms of experience, given the team size?

Outside of that what is the best route into digital PM from my type of background? I am happy to work for free, but I am not sure the best way to go about and do it.

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Hello maverick2k,

How are you doing with this? Hope you have managed to get what you wanted or are on the way to this.

Reason I ask about your progress is that I'm in the exact same position as you. Any tips etc as I think you're ahead of me in the progress to PM.
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