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Hi, I'm a newbie here and have maybe a simple question. I have to implement some PMO KPI's to measure the PMO performance. Please can anybody provide me some examples for that ...
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Hi Starim,

There's a very good article by Michael O’Brochta and Curt Finch describing key performance indicators that a new PMO can use to measure itself. They suggest the following:
  • Time to Market = Elapsed Time from Idea Conception to Delivery
  • Alternate Time to Market = Actual Completion Time - Budgeted Completion Time
  • Service Availability = Actual Start Time - Optimal Start Time
  • ROI = (Revenue - Investment)/Investment*100
  • Sales Growth = (Current Sales - Previous Sales)/Previous Sales
  • Service Utilisation = Billable Hours/Total Hours
It's worth reading their article, Key Performance Indicators for the PMO: Metrics for Success

Hope this helps.

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Great article Dhaughey.


If the article KPI's are not relevant for your project than I would suggest my method. I review my project and figure out the metrics that would matter most to the stakeholders that I will be presenting to and use those as my KPI's.

Ultimately the KPI needs to measure something that is relevant to the stakeholders to let them understand either the value or the progress of the project.
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