I have just passed my Prince2 foundation and would like to progress into PM work

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Hi all,

I am 26 years old and have been working as a sports coach primarily recently, but previously for a digital marketing company. A relative gave me a Prince2 book and after some reading I decided to take the foundation exam and passed.

I found PM to be a real interest to me as I have always enjoyed business and achieving desired results. I think I have the characteristics to be a PM and am willing to put in the hard work. I was wondering what are my best options now?

I looked for a few apprenticeships, but I guess due to my age they are limited. Shall I look for a entry level job?

Would appreciate any suggestions or advice.
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I'd definitely suggest taking the Practitioner exam next. Preferably whilst your mind is still fresh with foundation material.

Foundation is what is says it is. A solid foundation to get you ready for Practitioner level training.

Good luck.
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Please don't do the PRINCE2 Practitioner course unless you like to waste your money. The PRINCE2 Practitioner course has nothing to do with learning PRINCE2, it is 100% focused on the preparing for the Practitioner Exam and 66% of your time is on doing test Q&A which you can do at home.

OK - so you would like to progress to being a PM. The PRINCE2 Foundation cert will get you the interview, but then they will ask you about your experience and this is important. So here are some tips:

1) Understand the role of Project Support person:
Read this http://prince2.wiki/Project_Support

2) Contact all non-profit companies in your area and volunteer to be a project support person for FREE
  • Schools, Charities, Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Sports Clubs
3) What will you learn:
  • How projects work from the inside
  • How projects are planned and the typical issues they face
  • How requirements change
  • How the communication is done
  • The different roles in a project and how they are done
4) After doing Project Support, you can offer to be the PM.
  • This is a great experience and looks great on your CV
  • Also, just imagine the response you will get when you say you volunteered to learn this
5) Do an online course for Scrum or Agile.
  • Look at Exin Agile Scrum
  • This is a nice easy to follow course and very practical
All the best and please contact me if you have any more questions.
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