What is the simplest and most efficient way to manage a portfolio with several concurrent projects and shared resources?

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We need to find a way to provide clarity and alignment to everyone, so we all understand what to do, and the progress of everything. What is in your opinion the best way to achieve it?

Our Challenge:
To have a Single Source of Truth for all priorities, assignments, projects, and roadmap.

Our Vision:
To have a simple board that everyone sees, uses, updates, and works from it. All team is aligned and has crystal-clear understanding of what needs to be done, why, and by when. Everyone understand the status of all projects that are in progress, and know about all the upcoming ones.

Our Objectives:
  • To have a centralized place for everything.
  • To be simple for the executive team to be able to get a bird’s eye view of everything that is going on.
  • To be detailed enough for the ones doing the work, so they know exactly what needs to be done.
  • To have a way to display a simple dashboard with the project’s progress, team, assignments, and deadline.
  • To be visual. People learn much faster is everything is visual and quick to scan.
Our Problems:
  • Having everything in one list is not detailed enough when we need details - to provide a better understanding of all tasks and their progress.
  • Having several lists, like one for each project, is not simple enough... and people need to jump back and forth between them to se the whole picture.
  • User engagement is low. If it is hard for anyone to use, they won’t use it. If they don’t use it, it gets outdated and becomes useless.
  • The tools are not easy to use. They get in the way, instead of helping the users and supporting the process.
  • If the users don’t see what they need to do in front of them all the time, they will forget and not do it.
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