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As a disclaimer, I'm currently a PM student in a MBA program so I apologize if I am not able to ask my questions as clearly or eloquently as one might expect. I'm enrolled in an intro PM class at the moment and we have several practice exercises to work on over the weeks of the course. I'm struggling with a few aspects on this particular case with regards to scheduling. I've attached both the work I've completed and the exercise directives and would love to get some feedback. At the moment I'm at a standstill on part 2 and haven't even touched part 3 so I don't need to address that just yet.

These are some of the questions I have:

If I increase the available resources for market researchers, how to I specify that the additional 2 are only available for the Developing Marketing Plan task? Additionally, is the 120% cost only applicable to those 2 additional resources or is it for all 4 needed on that task? I've been over Chapter 11 in the Step by Step book a dozen times and I just don't see where I can allocate 120% additional cost to just half of the resource being used but not all of it.

At no point do I see where the Quality Engineers were over allocated so I don't see the need to use those additional resources, but I could benefit from using the 1 Product Designer. If I'm only using 1 of the 2 additional available resources, is my duration still able to be revised down to 42 days for the Smartphone Design? The same question applies for Install Equipment, assuming I again don't need the quality engineer OR manufacturing engineer since my start time is based primarily on the lag from the previous 2 tasks.

In looking at Part 3, am I to assume we haven't even started the task Design Marketing Plan by Feb 15th? Because the way I have my project leveled at the moment, that task happens in Nov, 2015.

**Unfortunately it doesn't appear I can attach an .mpp file so for the time being I've attached the exercise and I'll see if I can upload the .mpp file elsewhere and link it here.
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