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Hi everyone; new member here

Posted: Fri 03 Apr 2015 2:30 pm
by Tony
Greetings all - I'm new here; figured I'd post a quick introduction. My name is Tony and I'm a PM here in the US. Been working in and around project management since 1998. I started out working on commercial real estate projects then moved into IT - app dev, business process, infrastructure, etc. Just in the past two years I've moved into program and portfolio management focused on corporate finance.

I'm passionate about bringing teams together to accomplish more than they thought they could AND maintaining work/life balance while we're at it. It's a tough balance but one that is important to me.

Anyway - looking forward to discussions here on the forum. Cheers, all!

Re: Hi everyone; new member here

Posted: Tue 07 Apr 2015 2:11 pm
by kwalford
Welcome aboard :)

It is great to see this website reaching PM's from all over the world.