New PM article up on the blog: Estimating Project Work Gone Wrong

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Estimating project work is fraught with opportunities for things to go badly. The customer wants new work done on the project - work that isn't currently part of the scope, of course. Or perhaps the project hasn't started yet and you're still putting time and energy into good solid work estimations that will turn into timeframes of effort in your master schedule. The possibilities are endless...

The full article is here: ... e-them.php

Please read the article and let me know what you think. What are your biggest project estimating nightmares and why? What have you learned along the way. Let's discuss here! Thanks!

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Good article Brad. The other thing I would add is to get the person actually doing the work to estimate, and also commit to the estimate.

As estimates are a forecast of the future, they are likely to require refinement as time progresses too.

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