Pursuing Project Management Without a Degree

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Hi everyone,

I have been researching Project Management roles and I am interested in pursuing a career in it. I was looking into doing a PRINCE2 course but my only concern is that I do not have a degree which I am aware hinders my chances of getting a job in this field. I did have a job as a Personal Assistant to a tutor for two years which I left in November.

I was wondering if I could get some advice on whether there is still a chance of me pursuing this career role and what it would take me to pursue it?

Thank you
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Hi Mayaa, you can do a range of PM courses such as Prince2, APMP or Agile. These can get you through the door and into roles. They are usually a week long with an exam at the end and aren't cheap but very well recognised in many industries that take on project managers. Are you based in London? We've just recently started up a training company based in Canary Wharf and accredited by the training boards mentioned above. If you are interested I can give you more tips on how to get into PM. Let me know.
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Hi Mayaa,

You will definitely get a job a PM job without a degree; I am living proof of that assertion.

I would suggest Prince2/CAPM (or APMP) is a good starting route as it shows A) theoretical PM knowledge and B) a willingness to learn the PM profession and this goes a long way for a interview. I would also recommend looking for entry level jobs like a Project Coordinator, or Project Support. Get your foot on the ladder with a entry role and seek opportunities to rise to the role of PM, and this was the exact path I took. I am now fortunate enough to be in a PM job which I utterly love; to the degree that I was literately waiting outside my companies offices this morning for the doors to be unlocked!

A PM's role is more than a job, it is a career. You need to have a passion for achieving results and delivering business change. You need to demonstrate that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Show willing and seek opportunities is my advice. It may be difficult to get into a PM role without project experience, but you will get there.



Kit is correct. I've worked with several successful project managers who did not have degrees. Likewise, I've worked with developers and business analysts and other related professionals who have gotten into their profession and advanced nicely without degrees. They keys are to have a desire and enthusiasm, be willing to start entry level and take whatever you are assigned, and ask for more. You'll get there. Good luck!

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Project Manager was one of 5 jobs listed on (MSN or Yahoo) a few years ago as 'Well paid jobs that you don't need a degree for'. The others were Train Driver, Police Officer, Estate Agent, IT Support Specialist.

I agree with Kwalford. I don't have a degree but PM has given me a real career goal to aim for as its a natural progression from technical IT support. Absolutely love running projects at work and am happy to admit I'm fine with taking the job home with me to improve my report writing etc.

I know 3 other guys in their mid 30s - early 40s, variety of backgrounds, IT, Sales, building, none of them have degrees, but all found themselves by hook or by crook entering the PM profession. They are very happy for it!

Good luck
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