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Hello all,

I came into a new position at a web application company who is in some need of help with planning and scheduling their projects.

Firstly they have three products that they deal with:
  1. A primary product which accounts for 70% of revenue
  2. A secondary product which accounts for 20% of revenue
  3. A third product which accounts for 10% of revenue
Now ideally we would have an Agile implementation of those three products all with their releases and a project plan as well as timeline for each release. The company consists of 70 percent front end developers with the rest handling backend. It is about a team of 10 developers.

The problems that arise is that we set up a plan for a release and a timeline for a particular product say (2), but during the time we could be working on this, a bug or request from ad sales would like to add something from (1) or (3). This completley messes up our release structure and planning of releases can never really be implemented on a true SCRUM/AGILE nature as sprints are interrupted.

We were thinking of maybe splitting the team up in two in order to handle this, but since our team is so small we may run into a problem where either a) won't have enough manpower for a particular project, b) someone who has finished another project is free and has nothing to do (taking the time to bring them in and make them understand the whole project at that point would be an even greater waste of time).

What's the best solution to go about handling this?
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