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Do you use Trello?

Poll ended at Thu 12 Mar 2015 11:37 am

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Hi Members,

Recently, a contract project manager introduced me to a tool for organising work called Trello. Our test teams use it extensively for managing their testing. I've found many uses for it especially as I work in virtual teams.

If you test software applications, manage bug fixes and work in offshore teams; it's worth checking out.

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I wished you would have an option called sometimes ;)

I have used Trello, but only for small task managment. As soon as you get to be a bigger team or multiple PMs it seem a bit too simple, and you easily also gets to priortize on gut feeling (What should be on top? Oh, I think I will just drag and make this on the most important ;))

How do you prioritize your projects, when using Trello?
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Good day.

I would agree with PhilipAndersen – I find Trello to be more suitable for smaller projects. It's a bit difficult to handle the long list of backlog items then (after probably 40-50 of them you'll find it difficult to move them back and forth for prioritisation).

The benefit is totally customisable scrum-board as you could notice. So you can tune it up to your process.

As an alternative I use Asana. It has totally different concept but I find it handy. Especially in pair with instagantt and with enabled "Add up Numbers in Brackets" option in Account Settings > Hacks.

Best regards, Dmitry.
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