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Dear All,

I'm managing a small project to install a sound system into a sports hall. I'm not a PM by profession, but PM is becoming an increasing and welcome part of my role.

Have identified a number of risks, although they aren't really risks to the project, but more or less risks to the product once installed.

Two of these are:

Possible water ingress into the sports hall as roof has a history of leaking during prolonged heavy downpours. Need to take this into consideration when housing components especially amplifiers.

Sports hall used for fast moving ball games. Possibility of speakers getting damaged by cricket balls especially. Need to protect or situate in a safe area.

The reason I'm asking is that I'm attempting to add a little PRINCE2 to my projects from now on. Am I right to say that that the above are more likely a part of the 'Quality' than 'Risk' theme? I need to ensure goods are fit for purpose and housed in 'dry' areas. Determined to build a Risk Register at some stage, but do not want to misuse any of the management tools for the sake of vanity.

Maybe I'm right to presume that relatively small projects are sometimes unlikely to contain any real risk at all?
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Personally, I'd see these as requirements rather than risks. You have a requirement to protect the sound system from accidental damage. I would write this into my requirement specification so that when the sound system is installed it is part of the installation.

I think the risk for your project is poorly defined requirements, leading to damage or loss of the sound system. Any specification needs to include how the sound system will be protected from water ingress and damage from activities in the sports hall.

To your last point, most projects have risks, although it may take a while to recognise them. Remember to review periodically for risks during the project as they can arise at any time.

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