False Deadline

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One of the senior managers in my organisation has given a false deadline to the PM and the team. In the middle of the project, he has informed the real (later) deadline of the project to one of the team members, without letting the PM know. What are your comments about this situation?

Besides wanting to hit someone really hard? Games like that on projects should not be something that the project manager should have to endure...given everything else that they deal with such like managing the team and conflicts daily, communication, task accountability, major decision making with less than adequate information at times, etc. Honesty and straightforward communication is what is expected of PMs and it's unfortunate that information is ever withheld from the PM - let alone having a team member find out about the real deadline first.

A confident PM should go directly to the source and have a discussion about the "real" deadline, it's implications, and the problems that less than accurate communication can cause on a project engagement.

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