How Much Project Management Time?

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Hi all

Is there a general rule of thumb for how much PM time should be added to a project, e.g. for a consultancy project? For example, for a consultancy project of say 50 days, shall we assume 10% PM time, i.e. 5 days or?

Thanks for replies in advance.
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Hi Jeanette,

This is a question that has come up before:

Percentage Cost of Project Management

For me, project management falls between 10-20 percent of the total project effort. This is not very scientific, just from my years of experience. I think you need to look at every project on a case by case basis.


I agree with Duncan - 10-20% is the general rule of thumb for most of the more "structured" organizations I've worked in. The last organization I worked with estimated all PM activities at 20% of the overall project effort. Reality may have been a bit different, but that was the plan :)

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