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I'm a project Manager of software projects for a while now. Yet, I am not a programmer and do not know\understand many things\expressions\technologies concerning the software area.

REST, Webservice, for instance, and many other technological terms - I'm really not familiar with and have\need to understand in order to succeed as a software project manager.

Is there any material (website\webinar\MP4s\books), any material that can make clear this subject for people like me?

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Hi Hummiz,

A website I use for looking up technical terms is Webopedia. It's a search engine for terms such as REST, SOAP, JSON, .NET, etc. It gives clear and concise descriptions of the terms, so is useful when you hear a new one in a meeting and want to gain a quick understanding of it.

The website has far too many adverts, which is quite distracting, but the quality of the dictionary is great.

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